Accelerating digital transformation with insight-driven decisioning is our passion

We have the vision and the team to deliver.

WEMAIK is a unique, integrated multi-function solution for delivering insight-driven digital transformation. We empower business experts to explore and analyse the entirety of their enterprise data and use it to create enterprise applications – from planning, simulation, forecasting and workflow, to collaborative, embedded BI, and data science. Companies of all sizes, across all industries and geographies, use WEMAIK to accelerates their digital transformation by combining big data-style data lake and rich analytics tools with no-code application creation to bring insight-driven decisioning to strategic planning. We maximise customer obsession by enabling everyone in an organisation to have access to the data and tools they need to solve critical problems and extract insights from the full breadth of available business data.


WEMAIK will change the world; we foresee an “AI-powered” future in which AI technologies are pervasive, adding the right value at the right place, at the right moment, aiding business employees to achieve their objectives, completing tasks for which they don’t have or don’t need the expertise.
In this AI-powered world, WEMAIK will ensure that the creation of enterprise web applications does not require special technical skills, and can be done without any coding. Every professional should be able to create tailor-made applications that help them get the job done. In fact, we believe the continuing consumerization of technology will lead to business experts demanding that they are able to create the tools they need.


WEMAIK is in the business of enabling enhanced business decision-making by revealing new insights from company information and quickly deploying these insights to business experts via bespoke enterprise-grade applications, unlocking huge commercial value and increasing business competitiveness with increased agility.


Frédéric Doezy


Alain Rais


Xavier Peny

CEO deputy

Guillaume Bretegnier

Head of FRANCE

Emmanuel Tinland

VP Legal And Business Affairs


We are outstanding at what we do because our people are outstanding

We employ amazing people and foster their dedication, enthusiasm and flair. At WEMAIK we apply a management style and development approach that ensures professional standards whilst allowing for innovation and change – and above all, fun. We work hard as a team to consistently meet our customer’s needs and consequently their trust and repeat business.

We expect change in the digital world and so plan for it

WEMAIK work in and contribute to digital transformation and so expect change; we understand that constant change is the new normal. Therefore, we encourage staff to be imaginative and explore the potential of emerging technologies and prototype new applications.

We understand our business and our customers’ business

Our experience in AI and no-code rapid application development software means in-depth knowledge of business processes and how they relate to business agility. Our WEMAIK solutions come from this insight and the experience we have gained as a company specialising in this field. We use this experience – gained by creating and supporting successful customer solutions – to help you benefit from data analysis, no-code application creation and AI technologies with increased business efficiency and agility.