Revolutionary Technology

No code, no data scheme required; AI does it all

plateform overview

What makes our digital platform unique and truly revolutionary

Truly no-code

No special technical or coding skills required

60-80% faster design, production and deployment times

One click away of any updates, refresh and reshape

Time and costs efficiency

No coding bugs

Neuronal architecture

Cognitive architecture based on « Bayesian network »

Enable the multiple combinations of functions to define a variety of algorithms

Provide the required power, flexibility and speed to perform intelligent and complex tasks

AI engines

Decision Engine to evaluate and deliver results, judgements or actions

Rule Machine Learning algorithm to dynamically generate new decision rules

Business Rule capture business decisions in a understandable users’ way

Grid in-Memory

High performance

Leveraging log-structured merge-tree (LSMT) and Google Bigtable algorithms

Data scheme only generated during user-storyline execution

Late data binding, coupled with decision engine to compute data relation

Data security

High level security (Cryptage DES, Blowfish, RSA, OIDC, OAuth2)

Under no circumstances does WeMaik have access to your data

Implementation on premise, cloud, etc.

Simple integration in existing IT systems

WeMaik DesignMaiker

Visual interface to enable rapid specification of application flow by Business Experts

Ultra fast specification of enterprise web apps in a visual environment
Application flows immediately made available to business experts as XLS spreadsheets
Instantly start to evolve towards full-fledged apps

WeMaik AppMaiker

For Maikers consultants, Excel plugin for 100% visual data definition and app realisation

Using pivot tables to define data intersects for the apps’ manipulation (“WeMaik BizViews”)
Using all features of Excel (cells, tables, tabs, charts, calculations and drawing elements) to realize the apps’ workflow and interface

WeMaik LakeMaiker

IT & AI consultants maintain central enterprise data store

Central business data lake housed in choice of preferred SQL or NoSQL data store
Connectors stream data from commercial databases and apps
Business users can add data on their own (such as a vulnerable spreadsheet, with no IT help)
Built-in best-in-class web-based ELT supports advanced data transformations

WeMaik Server

Single AI-powered runtime server supports all enterprise app paradigms

Smart Data Binding: Unstructured data sets retrieved from Data Lake
WeMaik BizViews built in-memory – standing ready for consumption by WeMaik apps
Smart Generation of App Screens: Constraint-based engine creates application screens on the fly after each user interaction
Support for all enterprise app paradigms

Neuronal architecture provides the required power and flexibility to address all end-users’ needs

plateform overview

Built on cognitive architecture similar to human brain

  • Enable to perform intelligent tasks
  • Integrate and manage complexity
  • Ensure speed of execution

WeMaik technology links a multitude of functions (nodes or neurons), rules and in-memory data to define specific algorithms able to represent any business process, workflow and expertise

WeMaik query engine quickly browse all nodes of the WeMaik neuronal architecture to deliver data insights, to define recommendations and take corrective actions

Decision Engine run the process to evaluate and deliver results, judgements or actions

Decision Engine process

Start with required inputs to define business rules and web screen

Continue with decision logic based on current situation (context)

Finally produce conclusions, such as:

  • Simple value
    • billing calculation for a customer
  • Options
    • list of possible improvement levers
  • Configuration
    • Products bundling with pricing
  • Judgement
    • credit approval decision
  • Guideline
    • Procedure for customer service

Rule Machine Learning (RML)

Enable active learning

Run a machine learning algorithm on historical data
Dynamically generate new decision rules
Improve business process intelligence

Business Rule

Capture business decisions in a understandable users’ way. Combination of:

Rule constraint (if… then…)
Decision table
Formulas and pre-defined algorithms

We take care of the technology, so that you can focus on identifying and creating distinctive digital applications

Modern app generator engine (Html5, Ajax JavaScript, Business Rule, Agile data Lake, Business view)
Execution screen engine optimized for performance (AI algorithm & Bayesian network at runtime)
Built-in multiuser and profile
Web native architecture for web scale apps (Node model, inMemory, NoSql, Multithread, distributed)
Automatic deployment on standardized web container (Apache, IIS, Tomcat, Jboss, Websphere, ...)
High level of platform security (Cryptage DES, Blowfish, RSA, OIDC, OAuth2)
Designed for scalability (Distributed Nodes, NIO, big cache memory, LSMT)
Built on open and standard technology (JEE,.NET, HTML, Javascript)