Whatever Your Business Needs.

At WEMAIK we believe it's our job to hide technology so that you can focus on creating a great digital business.
Our platform is feature rich and flexible enough to easily and quickly turn all your needs and expertise into a limitless range of tailored digital applications - from transactional, simulation, collaboration, through to embedded BI and more.

At WEMAIK we believe it's our job to hide technology so that you can focus on creating a great digital business.
Our platform is feature rich and flexible enough to easily and quickly turn all your needs and expertise into a limitless range of tailored digital applications - from transactional, simulation, collaboration, through to embedded BI and more.

Turn your business experts into Digital Transformation geniuses

Whether your digital transformation project needs planning, simulation, forecasting, transactional, workflow, embedded BI, analytical, or data science applications, you can create it with WEMAIK. Applications created with WEMAIK are agile and flexible, capable of rapid iteration and enhancement in line with your evolving business needs. Further, applications easily match the functionality and robustness of those developed with traditional programming-based approaches.


Optimizing business processes orchestration

Workflow systems are found everywhere in business, including order entry, retail sales, financial and HR systems, in fact wherever processes require automation. WEMAIK provides advanced support for workflow and process orchestration, and the workflow applications you build can complement existing systems whilst overcoming functional gaps. WEMAIK workflow applications boost your performance, reduce operational costs, provide business-centric automation and support faster, informed decision-making.


Enhancing business processes agility

Transactional systems – applications that manage business process-driven interactions with a user – are found everywhere in business. They include sales order entry, reservation systems, payroll, banking, manufacturing and shipping. WEMAIK provides advanced support for user data entry and the transactional management of data resources that are used to record business processes. WEMAIK transactional applications boost your performance, reduce operational costs and support faster, informed decision-making.


Break down company silos

Using the right tools to collaborate ensures that your business teams will spend more time getting work done. Insert best-in-class collaborative capabilities in to applications that help you and your colleagues work smarter. By enabling everyone in your organization to collaborate in real-time around shared processes, WEMAIK places team dialogue at the heart of performance improvement.


Plan, execute and track performance

Customer-obsessed organizations use a multitude of ways to optimize, predict, and simulate the impacts of their business activity on sales revenue, marketing expenditure, and customer experience. Often, these activities are performed in complex macro-driven, stand-alone spreadsheets. WEMAIK enables migration of complex, isolated spreadsheet models and their transformation into robust enterprise applications. With its support for combining simulation, workflow, collaboration, transactional and analytical capabilities, WEMAIK is the digital business platform of choice for custom performance management applications that empower business teams to define common goals, run transactional processes, and compare current data to future plans – in a single application.


Benefit from the power of BI everywhere

Our embedded BI capabilities arm business users with advanced self-service analytics that provide the information they need to make well-founded decisions – fast. No-code WEMAIK application development enables rapid creation and insertion of state of the art analytical capabilities wherever you need it. Because data within the source BizView is stored as MOLAP cubes, embedded BI features may be used in support of all your applications – including strategic and operational scorecards, dashboards, KPI monitoring and reporting needs.


Do more data science – and do it easier

One of the biggest drivers of digital transformation is the new sources of customer data it will unlock – but data is only useful if it can be turned into actionable insights that make an organization better informed, optimally aware of its business context and highly responsive to any change or event. WEMAIK enables everyone in the enterprise – from IT professionals to business experts, data scientists to marketing professionals – to have access to the same business tools. In this way, companies can finally make the most of their most valuable assets: their data and their people.

WEMAIK Industrie

WEMAIK are helping to digitize organizations, their processes and their business models - but above all, to enable them to MAIK expertise-informed decisions. Unlike shrink-wrapped solutions, WEMAIK enables your digital transformation needs to be tailored to your business needs. You don't need to be an expert in big data, analytics or coding to craft your solution with WEMAIK – WE MAIK it easy!


Digital Transformation is disrupting almost every aspect of the finance industry. With pressure from new technologies, non-traditional competition and heightened customer expectations, traditional financial service providers have become increasingly vulnerable.
Financial service providers must now think in new and innovative ways, or risk becoming casualties as their industry is reshaped by digital. However, in the finance sector, many organizations are held back by the limitations of existing culture, technologies and processes.
WEMAIK enables financial institutions to address digital disruption in an agile way that exploits their expertise and so implement a transformation agenda that :

Enables a 360-degree Customer View



Consolidate customer information and channels and so facilitate enhanced and consistent customer experiences in both the digital and physical realms.

Increases Operational Effectiveness



Raise productivity and efficiency by transforming, automating and digitizing processes across financial products and services.

Enhances Strategic Planning



Converge financial and operational data for enhanced planning models that enable effective decision making and confident strategy execution in today’s rapidly evolving markets.

Central And Local Government

The “digitization of everything” Is impacting every aspect of society, including government at all its levels. The rapidly changing ways in which citizens interact with brands in the commercial world is reshaping their expectations for how they should interact with government services. Central and local governments need to go beyond digitizing existing processes and services. They need to harness the power of digital technologies and data to fundamentally re-imagine and transform the processes of government services. With WEMAIK government agencies can converge disparate data sources and speedily automate the delivery of digital services that:

Modernize Government IT Services



Replaces rigid legacy software with modern, lightweight web applications in days. Digitize paper-based and manual processes and automate them, driving the cost of government down.

Enhance Citizen Service



Converge citizen data and enable workflows across agencies and departments, providing a unified view of citizen case history and status. Deliver the digital services that citizens expect, increasing satisfaction, reducing case volume, and lowering costs.

Enables Sustainable Change



Deliver the highly personalised digital services that citizens want whilst making public services sustainable and future-proof.

Supply Chain And Logistics

E-commerce has empowered consumers, who now buy from anywhere in the world or compare prices from their smartphones. Dramatically increased online spending has had an impact on the parcel industry, with the proportion of trade accounted for by the (B2C) sector increasing year on year.
As consumers become more used to digital services they expect to receive the same quality and flexibility of service in other industries. This new consumer approach, termed ‘liquid expectations’, has implications for the logistics industry. Digital transformation for the logistics industry will drive an Uber-style disruption of ‘cool supply chain’ and personalized ‘iLogistics’. Delivering a consignment on time is no longer enough; firms now need to offer a multichannel service to both B2C and B2B customers.
WEMAIK enables logistics firms to address digital disruption in an agile way that exploits their rich business data and expertise and so implement a transformation agenda that:

Enhances Demand planning



Consolidate cross-functional data enabling planners to build forecasts, manage discontinuance planning based on performance and revenue, and adjust forecasts based on exceptions.

Improves Sales and operations planning



Consolidate data from across the business to make better-informed operational decisions that impact the bottom line. Further, run “what-if” scenarios in real-time to improve supply and demand planning accuracy and drive efficiency across the business.

Enhances Strategic policy management



With access to inventory, network, and product and customer data, implement intelligent KPIs, rules, and policies support the supply chain planning process.


Until today, manufacturers have focused on reliability, incremental improvements and close relationships with customers. However, the disruption caused by digital has spread to all corners of industry, and now manufactures are facing-up to reality and challenges that will entail – changes in everything from sales team management to designing products. In order to thrive in the digital age, manufacturers are automating and optimizing operations across the business. However, as in many sectors, many are held back by outdated business models and legacy technology. Manufacturers will need to step out of their comfort zones to learn new practices, acquire new talent, and implement new technologies to be successful with their digital transformation.

Improve Operational Efficiency



Converge data across the enterprise improve inventory accuracy, adjust production schedules to align with demand. Automate and streamlining workflows to reduce manufacturing costs.

Enhance Capacity Planning



Enable Planners to optimize production schedules by creating dashboards for inventory monitoring providing details of up-to-date available capacities, facilitating the rapid creation of procurement proposals.

Enhance Strategic Decision-making



Provide actionable information to the right decision-makers at the right time – from KPIs to dashboards or any other analytical report as needed to monitor and improve operational performance. Enable business experts to gain an insight-driven advantage – getting ahead of challenges and identifying opportunities as they arise.